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August 27th, Wilmette Theatre, 8pm

September 23rd, Artifact Events, 8pm 

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STORY JAM is a theatrical storytelling and music show which features the 

personal true stories of fantastic Chicago area performers, 

and original songs written for each story. Stephanie Rogers serves 

as emcee and singer-songwriter.

  • Nestor Gomez
    Nestor Gomez
  • Note Sangren
    Note Sangren
  • Lily Be
    Lily Be
  • JW Basilo
    JW Basilo
  • Stephanie Rogers
    Stephanie Rogers
  • The Band
    The Band
  • Mike Arnopol
    Mike Arnopol
  • Linda Montgomery
    Linda Montgomery
  • Doopy
  • Doopy & Shannon
    Doopy & Shannon
  • Brenna Kearney
    Brenna Kearney
  • Steph
  • Diane Kastiel
    Diane Kastiel
  • Elizabeth Gomez
    Elizabeth Gomez
  • Andy
  • Lynne Jordan
    Lynne Jordan
  • Lily Be
    Lily Be
  • Kelly Leonard
    Kelly Leonard
  • Julie Saltzman
    Julie Saltzman

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