Story Jam 

March 4th, 2018 • City Winery

LYNNE JORDAN returns to the STORY JAM stage. The talented singer-performer is about to launch her much-awaited solo show, "A Great Big Diva," which features personal stories and songs. A Northwestern theatre grad, Lynne leads her own popular event band, Lynne Jordan and The Shivers, and she has performed to sold-out crowds in the US and Europe. 

JOSH ZAGOREN is a voice actor and Iowan in Chicago. You know him from that thing. No not that one, the other one. The one with the...yeah THAT one. As a writer, he's worked with STORY CLUB, GUTS AND GLORY, PLEASURETOWN, LITMASH, and a host of other Live Lit events and productions throughout the city. He's also a director and combatant with WRITE CLUB and every Saturday at 3pm you can find him as CHAD THE BIRD at The Paper Machete. Or if you're lazy (like him), CHAD THE PODCAST on iTunes. 

 has won more Moth Slams and Grand Slams than anyone, ever (29). He has also won at North Side Stories, Here Chicago, and Joyfest. He has been featured on NPR and Vocalo, and at dozens of storytelling shows in Chicago, including Story Jam. Nestor will tell you that his greatest achievements are making his mother proud, and wining the heart of "Sweet Mel," his wife. Nestor's first ever solo show debuted in January 2017 to sold out crowds. For more information about Nestor, check his web site:

CORRBETTE PASKO is a writer, actor, singer, speed talker, and professional swearer. You can find a lot of her writing on (where you can also hire her for any of the above), and her face at various shows and live lit events around Chicago. She writes plays with her theater wife, Sara Sevigny, and you can buy one (The League of Awesome) on Amazon. You can also see their very stupid YouTube series, Get In the Car, and subscribe to their channel. Her parents named all three kids nine-lettered names that began with C and she was last, that's why.

JEREMY OWENS is the creator, producer and host of the live-lit/storytelling show You're Being Ridiculous, which is part of The Steppenwolf Theatre's LookOUT series. He lives in Rogers Park with his adorable husband, Andy, and adorabler dog Sally Field.

As a Second City Musical Improv conservatory graduate, KIMMY FLEISHMAN sucks at Musical Improv. Nonetheless, Kimmy has been acting, singing, directing, and telling stories since she was born. She used to charge a penny to every one of her parent's friends, so they could watch her one-woman show. Since growing up into a real life adult, she has fallen in love with live lit & the vulnerability that comes along with it. During the week she lives that Mad Men life, even though she hates commercials interrupting her Hulu binges. And in her free time she explores and engages in new things, people, and places, because she's curious like a cat.

 combines her love for music, theatre, and personal story to produce and write music for each STORY JAM show. A Northwestern theatre grad, Stephanie is currently pursuing a masters in Written Communications at National Louis University. She also does some other fancy stuff, which can be explored at

JANUARY 27th, 2018 • Wilmette Theatre, 8pm

ARCHY JAMJUN is an extremely popular storyteller-writer from Chicago. He is a regularly featured teller at: Story Jam, The Stoop, This Much is True, The Moth, and OUTspoken! He has won The 25th Annual Chicago's Biggest Liar Contest and The Moth Grand Slam. He just earned his MFA from Roosevelt University this past month.

SUSAN KARP is an actor-writer who has performed solo shows and monologues at Steppenwolf, Curious Theatre Branch, Timeline Theatre, and Live Bait Theatre. She has also been heard or seen on WBEZ, and at many literary events in Chicago, including: The Write Club; The Encyclopedia Show; 2nd Story, and The Interview Show. As an improviser, Susan was a member of Cast on a Hot Tin Roof, Jazz Freddy and Bang-Bang. As an actor, she has worked with Live Bait, Raven Theatre, Next Theatre, and the Neofuturists. Susan lives in Glencoe with her husband Josh and their four boys.

STEPHANIE DOUGLASS is a Moth GrandSLAM Champion, cofounder of New York Theatre Co. the TEAM, and was the head writer for OLN's "Outside Magazine's Ultimate Top Ten.” She hosts Story Club North Side and cohosts the Englewood Storytelling Open Mic at Kusanya Cafe. Stephanie served as the Farm Enterprise Director at Growing Home, overseeing job training on Chicago's first high-production organic farm. She is also a co-founder of Cyahafi (Cha-HA-fi) Blooms, a resource training collective in southwestern Uganda. Stephanie recently became the Assoc. Director of the Greater West Town Project, which provides job training for disadvantaged adults and re-enrolls students who have dropped out or been pushed out of CPS schools.

AK AGUNBIADE is a comedian, storyteller, and blogger who was born in Nigeria, but grew up in the awe-inspiring cornfields of Indiana. His foray into stand up comedy was accidental in nature. He told a funny story once on stage at a college comedy show, and people laughed. The rest is history. You can usually find him performing at various venues in Chi-town and different colleges nationwide. When not performing, he is either sleeping, eating, or writing....but most likely he’s eating (or being an outstanding MD!). 

DUAYNE MEYER has been the Senior Pastor at Northfield Community Church for the last 18 years. Before that, he worked with churches in St. Louis and southern Illinois. Duayne is an avid traveler, an activist, a humanitarian, a community leader, and an all-around cool dude who rides his bike all over Chicago. Oh, he also once toured with a rock band. 

MIRIAM CAREY is a writer and content marketer with a strong background in journalism. She came to Chicago ten years ago from Cleveland (where many of her wonderful stories originate), and she is a beloved teller around town. Miriam is currently the marketing director at eContext in Chicago, and she has authored four books, including the popular "52 Romantic Outings in Greater Cleveland." Check out her swanky site.

PAUL BARILE is new to the Story Jam stage. He is a writer/actor working and playing in Chicago. His debut novel “My Brother’s Hands” (Lexographic Press) is out now. His audio-book “Chasing Happy” (Mint 400 Records) is available wherever fine mp3s are sold. His comic book “The Summit of Justice” will be out early 2018.

Paul's poetry blog is, and his personal website is:

CAROL MOSS is a local singer, actor and psychotherapist. She is thrilled to be back on the Wilmette Theatre stage, having performed here as a Sparkle Sister and in the "Secret Lives of Mom's" for five years. She is a veteran of stage and screen, and appeared in over 50 commercials and 70 industrial films. Currently, she is on the speaker's bureau for Abbvie and does motivational speaking as well as seeing private clients.

STEPHANIE ROGERS proudly holds (onto for dear life) a degree in acting from Northwestern University. She was inspired to create STORY JAM after taking a solo show class and attending storytelling events in Chicago and NYC.  A huge fan of NPR, story podcasts, and non-fiction theatre, Stephanie combines her love for music, theatre, and personal story to produce—and write music for—each Story Jam show. She is currently pursuing a masters in Written Communications at a snail's pace, at National Louis University. More at